Brittany Ferries – Curiosity Can Lead You

Advert: Brittany Ferries – Curiosity Can Lead You Anywhere
Music: Ben Cocks – Curiosity

Download Curiosity by Ben Cocks from iTunes

This ad for Brittany Ferries urges viewers to satisfy their curiosity with a break to France or Spain. The ad was created by the Bray Leino agency, and the soundtrack is a specially recorded song called Curiosity by music composer and producer Ben Cocks. We’re pleased to say that Ben is a regular visitor to TV Ad Music, and he tells us that he would like to extend the track and make it available to download. UPDATE: Full track is now available to download from iTunes.

14 thoughts on “Brittany Ferries – Curiosity Can Lead You

  1. searched youtube sadly cant find please please please release a full version! great song great voice