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Advert: Three – More Pony Ads
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Three Mobile have launched a whole series of dancing pony TV adverts following the success of the original Pony ad, which was a worldwide viral hit. So we have Rock Pony, Hip-Hip Pony, Bollywood Pony and more. Three is inviting viewers to mix their own pony mashup. You can watch each individual ad and download each individual track by clicking on the appropriate link:

Advert: Three – Boyband Pony YouTube
Music: Westlife – When You’re Looking Like That iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Hip-Hop Pony YouTube
Music: Run DMC – It’s Tricky iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Rave Pony YouTube
Music: Darude – Sandstorm iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Rock Pony YouTube
Music: Europe – The Final Countdown iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Punk Pony YouTube
Music: The Undertones – Teenage Kicks iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Love Pony YouTube
Music: Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Funk Pony YouTube
Music: Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music iTunes / Amazon

Advert: Three – Bollywood Pony YouTube
Music: Mikka & Richa Sharma – Tu Meri iTunes

Advert: Three – Original Pony YouTube
Music: Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere iTunes / Amazon

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