AXA – Little Things Mean a Lot

Advert: AXA – Little Things Mean a Lot
Music: Little Shoes Big Voice – Little Things Mean a Lot

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These AXA TV ads, created by Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, highlight AXA’s healthcare and home insurance services, and explains how fast track appointments allows customers to get on with their lives, and how, when stolen jewellery can’t be replaced, AXA will work to create a copy. The soundtrack is a specially-recorded version of the song Little Things Mean A Lot, which was a number one hit for Kitty Kallen in 1954. The version in the ad was produced by Aardvark Sound and performed by Little Shoes Big Voice, a duo featuring Jack Durtnall and Emily Harvey. UPDATE: The AXA version of Little Things Mean A Lot has now been released as a single and is available to download from iTunes.

Little Things Mean A Lot

101 thoughts on “AXA – Little Things Mean a Lot

  1. Ashley hodson

    Their is no doubt they will have to release this song in a full version because every one I know speaks aboutit or are singing it and the best thing about it as usual not one of them know what the advert is for and I’m not telling them. Wake up AXA

  2. Dean

    I think this girls voice is really nice, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
    Got to be a way of getting this song with her singing it.

    • Tom Keyes

      You are missing a point here, Kitty Kallen made it a brilliant million seller in 54. Emily Harvey has done an exceptionally brilliant version in 2013. with Jack Durtnall on Uke. so positive credit to al parties. go away with your negative comments.yu look foolish!!!

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