Pepsi – Now Is What You Make It

Advert: Pepsi – Now Is What You Make It
Music: Janelle Monáe – Heroes (Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game)

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The build up to the 2014 World Cup starts here with this Pepsi TV ad urging viewers to ‘live for now’. In the ad, a young chap dribbles a football through Brazilian streets and meets a few familiar faces – look out for appearances from Lionel Messi, David Luiz, Jack Wilshere… (The ad doesn’t actually mention the World Cup as the tournament’s official soft drink sponsor is Coca-Cola not Pepsi.) The soundtrack is a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes recorded for the campaign by Janelle Monáe. The track, Heroes (Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game), is available to download from iTunes.


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