Xbox Forza Horizon 2 – Leave Your Limits

Advert: Xbox Forza Horizon 2 – Leave Your Limits
Music: Adriano Celentano – Prisencolinensinainciusol

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This live action TV ad for the Forza Horizon 2 video game on Xbox One and Xbox 360 was shot by director Adam Berg in southern Italy featuring cars including a 2014 Lamborghini Huracán. The song used in the ad is Prisencolinensinainciusol by Adriano Celentano, the enduringly-popular singer who is effectively Italy’s slightly-hipper version of Cliff Richard. Featuring lyrics spoken (or rapped) in English, it was released as a single in 1972, and also featured on the album Nostalrock. It’s not available from iTunes in the UK, but you can download Prisencolinensinanciusol from Amazon, or get the Nostalrock CD.

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