MoneySuperMarket – Dave’s Epic Strut

Advert: MoneySuperMarket – Dave’s Epic Strut
Music: Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha (Featuring Busta Rhymes)

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Meet Dave, a chap who feels so epic after saving money on his car insurance that he’s indulging in an ‘epic strut’ – a bootylicious high-heeled dance routine, in this oddly amusing TV ad that also features Sharon Osbourne. The track Dave is strutting to is Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls, the 2005 UK number one co-written and produced by CeeLo Green and featuring Busta Rhymes. It featured on the Pussycat Dolls’ debut album PCD. You can download Don’t Cha from iTunes.


51 thoughts on “MoneySuperMarket – Dave’s Epic Strut

  1. hahah i think this is one of the best adverts, love it!

  2. What a horrible advertisement. Everyone (regardless of sex or sexual orientation) thinks that this is perhaps the weirdest commercial they’ve ever seen.
    Who does this appeal to? What demographic appreciates this?
    Also, what the hell does it have to do with being frugal???

  3. Disgusting advert, not at all funny, do you really think this represents your services well? – I would not touch you with a barge pole!

      • My dear Sheila how wrong you are it is a funny ad not at all offensive if I were you I would get a life well done dave and your epic strut.

      • I presume you know what an off and on button is. If you don’t like the advert then don’t watch it.

  4. @ Pam So your use of spelling and punctuation doesn’t make you look stupid then? Come on, it’s a laugh. If you don’t like it it isn’t aimed at you.

  5. Just loving the new money supermarket. Com as – Dave’s strut . any chance I could get a copy of this advert on a DVD ? Tina Owens

  6. Love this ad makes me smile surey a wonderfull thing to do thank you so money supermarket

  7. Love this advert anyone know name of ginger haired girl who looks up and down at the start she’s gorgeous ? Help

    • Tbh I was struck by her as well, but only because I think I know her. If I am right, she is romanian but I don’t remember her name

  8. this advert is rubbish does not make me want to go on money supermaket at all it is a very bad way to try and sell your site it makes you look stupid

  9. Oh my giddy aunt what is there to not like, make you feel happy and more likely to endear you to Michael Van Schoick…… Thank you money super market, you cheered up a gloomy post op Wednesday …..

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