Allianz – Quality Time

Advert: Allianz – Quality Time
Music: Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

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Every car has a story, according to this TV ad from Allianza, featuring a girl and her dad sharing a sing-along moment in their car. The song is of course Culture Club’s 1983 number one Karma Chameleon. It’s available to download from iTunes.

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12 thoughts on “Allianz – Quality Time

  1. It is a perfectly acceptable advert of a father being a taxi driver for his daughter and trying to connect with her keeping the communications open so she doesn’t go off to do drugs sexetc they find a common bond in singing together…the advert suggests amongst all the angst of a 21century life that his car insurance is sorted.
    I would like to know the professional names of the these actors please

    • I’d like to know who they are too… The girl has a rather strange look about her…

      • Nice balanced thoughts Karen. I made an enquiry because I couldn’t identify the actor father, who I think is very famous in his acting career. Just can’t put a name to him – very irritating.

  2. My ‘understanding’ is, she sounds foreign as if the ‘English dad’ has taken her on like some sort of refugee or something and seeing how her English has come on – as I say, my understanding, whether it’s fact or not is another matter

  3. All Tv’s or remote controls have an OFF BUTTON if you don’t like it turn it off – get a life!!

  4. What makes people resort to vitriolic comments like these. The actors are, after all, just making a living like the rest of us. For goodness sake, calm down and don’t be so nasty.

  5. This is ghastly. Where do they find these people ? That girl……what planet is she from ?.

  6. i dont understand this advert ,,why all the sly glances, why does the mum look put out it looks like the dad is a perv

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