Ribena – Can’t Get More Ribenary

Advert: Ribena – Can’t Get More Ribenary
Music: Tigermonkey – Zooby Doo

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This quite bonkers Ribena TV ad features, among other things, moustachioed rabbits in sunglasses, hat-wearing hedgehogs, and owls shooting lasers from their eyes. The ad, from the JWT agency, is part of a £6 million campaign to reposition Ribena as a drink for young adults rather than children, following Tesco’s recent decision to ban drinks aimed at children that contain added sugar. The music track is the suitably eccentric Zooby Doo by Tigermonkey, who describe themselves as a “London based Gangsta-Nerd duo with sassy lyrics n fat beats”. UPDATE: Zooby Doo is now available to download on iTunes.

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28 thoughts on “Ribena – Can’t Get More Ribenary

  1. Mindless boring , annoying ” tune”. Altho an old sod, I sometimes DO buy Ribena. Won’t do again, unless its the only juice in the store!

  2. I also think the dude in the ad is Hollie from Red Dwarf i came looking on here to see i could comfirm it

  3. Detest this advert. Stopped buying when kids lost their teeth due to drinking it. This advert just adds to the disgust.

  4. Seriously someone came up with the idea for that awful advert and then someone else approved it? What were you on at the time? Why on earth would you think it would increase your sales, when all it does is annoy the hell out of current customers who will, in my case at least, avoid buying it in future

  5. They should do another version for Tesco. “Ribena – you can’t get any more”.

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