Vodafone – Terry The Turkey

Advert: Vodafone – Terry The Turkey
Music: Westlife – Flying Without Wings

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Vodafone’s Christmas 2015 TV ad follows Terry the Turkey on his journey to the Christmas dinner table, and presents a twist in the form of a nut roast. Vodafone say the seven turkeys used in the making of the ad have also been spared being made into a festive feast, and are now living in an animal sanctuary. The song is Westlife’s Flying Without Wings, a UK number one from way back in 1999. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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One thought on “Vodafone – Terry The Turkey

  1. Vodafone, you are STARS. While we’re being bombarded by meat promotions only you have managed to bring home the message for a season of goodwill to ALL. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – and from the many turkeys you’ve undoubtedly helped to save this Christmas.

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