Android from Google – Curated Playlists

Advert: Android from Google – Curated Playlists
Music: Seye – White Noise

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This car-based Android TV ad focusses on curated playlists from Google Play Music. The track is White Noise by Seye, a 2012 single from the Bromley-based guitarist and solo artist. It’s not currently available on iTunes in the UK, but it is available to download on Amazon. The same track can also be heard very briefly at the end of the Android Google Now Cards ad, featuring a chap who has forgotten to feed his mum’s cat, which you can see below. And if you’re looking for the tune that features very briefly in the Android Photo Search ad, that’s Barwick Green (the theme from The Archers) by Sidney Torch, and you can also see that ad below.

Advert: Android from Google – Google Now Cards
Music: Seye – White Noise (Amazon)

Advert: Android from Google – Photo Search
Music: Sidney Torch – Barwick Green (the theme from The Archers) (iTunes)

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