MoneySuperMarket – #EpicSquads 2017

Advert: MoneySuperMarket – #EpicSquads 2017
Music: Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl

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The latest MoneySupermarket #EpicSquads TV ad starts like a re-edited clash between the strutters and builders but ends with the introduction of a new character, a female builder, apparently the site supervisor, who sends the builders back to work and then sees the strutters off in some style. The song is Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani from the No Doubt vocalist’s 2004 solo album. It’s available to download on iTunes. NOTE: A better quality video will be added soon.

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5 thoughts on “MoneySuperMarket – #EpicSquads 2017

  1. Andrew Siddle

    Taken to it’s logical conclusion this kind of taunting against building construction staff, and companies, will lead to physical assaults on members of the public by a trade that, by it’s nature, has to be physical and violent in order to perform it;s function and complete it;s job.

  2. Andrew Siddle

    This range of adverts represents some sick, weird, individual perspective on life that is nothing what so ever to do with the real world of the way that various professions and building trades , in the building industries and professions, operate and work together. The videos are mad to the point of being mental.Accordingly it is the work of the mentally insane! The property profession do not have this sense of humour! The Building trade do not have this sense of humour! It is a rude insult that needs to be answered by rudeness, only, to the idiot writer of this trash!

    Best Regards

    Andrew D Siddle

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