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Tell us the name of the brand or product being advertised, and where you saw it. If you can find the ad on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere post a link.

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  1. Rachel

    I’m trying to find a song that was featured in an ad for a menstrual product in 2009 (I think sanitary napkins or pantry liners). This song was by Scottish singer I think and is the product was offering a free download of the song. I had at the time but I can’t remember it now. Does anyone remember the ad?

  2. George Elsham

    I watched an advert for sky1 I think? Anyway it has the simpons and flash in the advert and I really want to know what the song is that goes along with it. I have been searching everywhere including Youtube so hopefully someone knows what it is called

  3. kim bailly

    Hi does anyone know the song that’s on the tattoo fixers ad that was on tonight on e4 please it’s driving me mad not knowing it.thanks in advance

  4. Graham Field


    Crime and investigation channel ran an advert over Christmas 2016 using a version of carol of the bells accompanied on the glockenspiel. Any idea who sings the track.

  5. James Beatty

    what is the guitar music that bb1 plays in their call the midwife advert that is played these last few days? sounds very familiar but don’t know who plays it and i’d like to youtube it. thanks.

  6. Louis

    Doesn’t anyone know the song on the Universal Channel advert about the current TV shows running? I’m sure one of the lines was, “I’m talking about the high, I’m talking about the low.”

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