O2 Priority – Get Your Tail Wagging

Advert: O2 Priority – Get Your Tail Wagging
Music: Adelphoi Music – Bespoke Track

O2 invites mobile customers to make themselves happy and get their tails wagging in this latest Be More Dog campaign TV ad. The soundtrack was specially created by Adelphoi Music, who were tasked with creating a bespoke piece of music in the style of jazz drummers Art Blakey and Dom Um Romao. The bespoke piece isn’t commercially available, but if you like the style you might want to explore Art Blakey’s Drum Thunder Suite (iTunes Link) or Dom Um Romao’s Jangal (iTunes Link).

O2 Rugby – Wear the Rose

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Advert: O2 Rugby – Wear the Rose
Music: Theo Vidgen – The Rose

O2 promote their sponsorship of the England rugby team in this TV ad, which calls on the power of support, asking viewers to “wear the rose” in support of England. The soundtrack was scored specially for Continue reading

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