Sainsbury’s – Get Back To School

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Get Back To School
Music: Finger Music – Tookie Pookie

Sainsbury’s put their school uniforms to the test with a group of back to school kids in this TV ad. The surf-scat soundtrack is from the Finger Music agency, and it’s called Tookie Pookie. It was originally created for a 2012 ad for Canadian mobile network Fido titled “After Work” and featuring snowboarding dogs(!). The track was subsequently released on iTunes, titled “Fido ‘After Work’ – Tookie Pookie”, but has subsequently been removed, and unfortunately isn’t currently available to download.

Sainsbury’s – Get Summer Started

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Advert: Sainsbury’s – Get Summer Started
Music: Al Green – Feels Like Summer

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Picnics, barbecues and strawberries provide a taste of summer Continue reading

Sainsbury’s – Easter 2015

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Advert: Sainsbury’s – Easter 2015
Music: Elvis Presley – Follow That Dream

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Sainsbury’s present various ideas for Good Friday to Easter Sunday in this 2015 Easter TV ad. The Elvis Presley song featured in the ad is Continue reading

Best of Christmas 2014


Christmas is the most important time of the year for brands and retailers, and that’s reflected in the high profile given to Christmas TV ads. Many Christmas TV ads feature music, and the right choice of song helps make an ad successful. This year’s efforts have received more than 1.1 million views here at TV Ad Music, but which which was your favourite? Here’s our annual run-down of the top ten most popular Christmas TV Ad Music of 2014. Continue reading

Sainsbury’s – Christmas Is For Sharing


Advert: Sainsbury’s – Christmas Is For Sharing
Music: Carter Burwell – The Wicked Flee (from True Grit)

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Sainsbury’s takes us back a hundred years to Christmas 1914, with this touching re-imagining of the events surrounding the Christmas Truce, Continue reading