Adidas Originals – The Street Where Originality Lives

Advert: Adidas Originals – The Street Where Originality Lives
Music: Dee Edwards – Why Can’t There Be Love (Pilooski Remix)

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This track is based on Dee Edwards’ Northern Soul favourite Why Can’t There Be Love, re-edited/mixed by Pilooski. The advert features an all star cast: Agynes Deyn, Louise Roe, Ana Ivanovic, DJ Neil Armstrong, David Beckham, Snoop, Noel Gallagher, Kazuki, Hiory Lee, Whitney Port, Jeremy Scott, NDubz, Ciara, Mr Hudson, Adrienne Balion, Cassandra Steen, Ian Brown, Calle 13, Yoppy and Ryahei Morita, Tallulah Morton and Cheer Chen.

4 thoughts on “Adidas Originals – The Street Where Originality Lives

  1. Paul Byford

    The original Dee Edwards 45 why can’t there be love on Bump shop and on GM is going for about £100 and is big play on funk and Northern scene right now. Should settle down soon as its really only a £40 vinyl.There is one on ebay right now.not one of mine!Keep the Faith.

  2. J

    Actually its Dee Edwards remixed by Pilooski. Its NOT the 2006 Pilooski single, Its a new mix with the chorus from the original. It will probably be re-released because of the advert and hopefully will include the advert mix. If you get the 2006 version you will be disapointed as it only has a short burst of the original vocal at the start.

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