McDonald’s – Weather

Advert: McDonald’s – Weather
Music: Vernon Elliott – From “Visiting Friends” (The Clangers)

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This weather-based McDonald’s ad uses a piece of music from the late Oliver Postgate’s beloved Smallfilms stop-motion animation series The Clangers. The music was composed by Vernon Elliott, and it’s from an episode called ‘Visiting Friends’. It appears on the Clangers soundtrack CD, and is simply called ‘From “Visiting Friends”. You can get the CD and download the MP3 using the links above, and you can also get The Clangers Complete Series 1 DVD, including Visiting Friends episode, for just £2.99 with free p&p.

4 thoughts on “McDonald’s – Weather

  1. EJ

    Wendymay – The name of the latest McDs advert in the UK with the free glasses is called “Cross The Tracks” by Maceo & The Macks

    I LOVE that song!

  2. wendymayfan

    I’m trying to find out the name of the track & artist from the latest McDs advert in UK advertising the free coke glasses. Used to dance to it at Locomotion club nite in Kentish Town many years ago….

  3. erastes

    THANK YOU! I KNEW it had to be a Postgate film, I thought it was Pogles wood, actually, so this is a relief, it’s been driving me mad for weeks.

  4. soup_dragon

    I was sorry to hear Vernon Elliot’s beautiful work being used to advertise Mcdonalds, but you have to admire the advertising execs who found this obscure music. Hearing this immediately took me back to my childhood.

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