– Cara Sings ‘Somebody to Love’

Advert: - Cara Sings ‘Somebody to Love’
Music: Louise Dearman - Somebody to Love

Download original Queen version / get CD from Amazon
Download original Queen version from iTunes

Download We Will Rock You version / get CD from Amazon
Download We Will Rock You version from iTunes

Louise Dearman is a musical theatre performer, currently in the West End production of Wicked. The original version is, of course, by Queen. But the nearest you can get to this version is from the We Will Rock You musical cast recording, performed by ‘Scaramouche And Teen Queens’. Choose your own poison and download your favourite version using the links above.

21 thoughts on “ – Cara Sings ‘Somebody to Love’

  1. James Magic

    1) Sounds nothing like Kerry Ellis
    2) Louise dearman had tweeted about the adverts and that she was in them.

  2. Dionne

    Hi, I would really love to know who is the real person behind the voice. She sounds EXACTLY like an old friend Ive fallen out of contact with. If it is you, Rietta from New Zealand, VERY well done.

    Love Dionnexx

  3. Han

    On the Confused advert it really sounds like Kerry Ellis who was in Wicked (And also sang Somebody To love with Only Men Aloud on their album Band of Brothers)

  4. Louise

    no I found the song I was looking for Keith. It was You and Me by Gustaf Spetz which is in the NEW Deichmann shoes adverts (which is not on their websites)which are frequently on ITV in the afternoon to the evening. I have the advert on my Sky+ box recorded, it was on in one of the Alan Titchmarsh Show ad breaks. I did post a link to the advert but you deleted it.

    • Paul

      @Louise Glad you found the song you were after. I deleted the link as it was posted in an unrelated post. Also, the link was to a German language advert. The same ad may well air on UK TV in English, but we don’t cover German language ads here. If you can find the English version online please email us or post it in the forum and we’ll be happy to help. As you’ll see, it can be difficult to help identify a Deichmann ad when it is posted in a post. Hope that helps. Thanks.

  5. Keith

    The song in Deichmann shoes advert you were looking for, is a special jingle created for the advert based on “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap. It’s not a full length version.
    I Think the confusion is because the advert is not on all channels and only on certain programmes.

  6. Louise

    It’s not a non-UK ad. I live in the UK they have been on ITV inbetween shows. I only discovered the advert because it was on after Downton Abbey last week.

  7. Louise

    No it’s not that advert.

    I swear it was a Clarks advert maybe it’s the new Marks and Spencers advert then I’ll come back to you when I find out what advert it is.

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