New Look – 20 Percent Off Partywear

Advert: New Look – 20% Off Partywear
Music: INXS – Suicide Blonde

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This clothes shop ad features the 1990 INXS single apparently inspired by a quote from Michael Hutchence’s then girlfriend Kylie Minogue, who, on dying her hair for a movie role, remarked, ‘I’m going suicide blonde today’.

2 thoughts on “New Look – 20 Percent Off Partywear

  1. clare

    hi really like the top shown on 20 seconds into the advert please can someone inform me on a product code and price please, or any information you have on the product

    much apprecicated

  2. lauren

    hey, was just wondering do you know whether New Look still sell the red silk dress which is featured on the brunette near the end? i want it so bad!?

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