Skoda Fabia vRS – Made of Meaner Stuff

Advert: Skoda Fabia vRS – Made of Meaner Stuff
Music: SoundTree – My Favourite Things

This new advert uses a hard rock version of the ‘My Favourite Things’ song from ‘The Sound of Music’. It was produced specially for the ad by the SoundTree production house and producer Clifford Lane. Vocals are provided by Christian Peppas of rock band The Amatory Murder.

16 thoughts on “Skoda Fabia vRS – Made of Meaner Stuff

  1. Jess

    Found a bunch of stuff by The Amatory Murder on iTunes–I think they’re my new favourite band. Glad this commercial turned me on to ’em!

  2. Took

    Sooo agree. Can’t find anything by CP or The Amatory Murders on i-tunes. Needs to be released; it’s fab.

  3. Jessica

    According to The Amatory Murder’s facebook page, the singer posted that the people that were in charge of the music may release a full recording of the track. Let’s keep our fingers crossed–I MUST have this!

  4. djrjawa

    From a little research, although the voice smacks of Trent Reznor, it seems to be a band called “Soundtree”, but if you search for it, beware all the hippy meditation sites! Check em on myspace. Or iTunes….

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