Virgin Media – A More Exciting Place to Live

Advert: Virgin Media – A More Exciting Place to Live
Music: Dan Black – Symphonies

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This ad features lyrics from the Madness hit ‘Our House’ set to the soundtrack of Dan Black’s ‘Symphonies’. ‘Symphonies’ samples the main theme from the film Starman, which was composed by Jack Nitzsche.

13 thoughts on “Virgin Media – A More Exciting Place to Live

  1. Zipper

    Since Madness are a bunch of London geezers why use a voice over of some Midlands twerp?

    Why not ask Suggs to do it? He bloody wrote it!

  2. Michael

    This is by far the most impressive advert i have ever seen superb photography and beautifull music,making life a better place to live!

  3. pm

    As a random aside, I think the music from Dan Black (Symphonies) also features the percussion from Rihanna’s ‘Umbrellas’. So this ad is a nice mix-up of all sorts of musical bits and bobs.

  4. Rob

    To hear the full music better try this you tube link, its the instrumental version of Dan Black’s song. Its listed as instrumental but its ‘almost’ instrumental. Think they were trying to use some device that lowers the seech in the song but raises the instrument parts, either way, its much better than the ful version

  5. Rob

    I am adding the link to the you tube video of the Starman soundtrack so people can see where the original music came from. (As thats what I ended up doing I thought it might be useful to some people.

  6. Rob

    I sympathise with a large company like Virgin media seemingly destroy something you love however I have to say, “this just works”. I got the ‘Our House’ song reference right at the end of the advert but I didnt realise the rest of the words were from the song ‘our house’. However when I first heard the advert it made me feel all warm and cosy and quite inspired it just really worked. I admit though that when I realised it was a Virgin media advert I did think “oh! Virgin!! I thought it was for something good! what a let down.”

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