KFC – So Good

Advert: KFC – So Good
Music: Templecloud – One Big Family

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This Kentucky Fried Chicken ad uses a specially-recorded cover version of the Embrace song One Big Family. The very subtle piano and vocal cover has been credited to Templecloud. (The track has nothing to do with singer Paloma Faith, despite what you might read elsewhere. She is, however, featured on the new Kellogg’s ad.)

10 thoughts on “KFC – So Good

  1. lisa

    can anyone tell me who sings on on older kfc advert , think it was during summer there , sounded like prince . any ideas ??

  2. Mandi Thompson

    Love this tune – surely we must be able to get them to release it? Is there a website we can all email bombarding them with requests?

  3. Pointy

    KFC = tasty. Music track = Good but depressing (the singer is great).

    Conclusion from watching this ad? ‘KFC causes depression’.

    Lyrics are appropriate, the rather depressing slow, sad cover isn’t appropriate to their message or even really the visuals. However the song IS good and the singer has a lovely voice.

  4. Simon King

    You can’t make a recording like that, give people a taste of it and then say “That’s all you’re gonna get….ever”

  5. Marie jeeves

    Nooooooo! Finally discover the owner of the beautiful voice, only to find out it’s not available on download. The Embrace version is rubbish!!!!

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