Lucozade Energy – YES

Advert: Lucozade Energy – YES
Music: The James Cleaver Quintet – Buck Rogers

Get Feeder’s original version of Buck Rogers from Amazon
Download Feeder’s original version of Buck Rogers from iTunes

This ad, another big production ‘YES’ number from Lucozade, features Eastbourne band The James Cleaver Quintet (JCQ) performing a cover version of Feeder’s Buck Rogers. The cover isn’t available commercially, but you can download the Feeder original using the links above. If you’d like to know why the JCQ appeared in the ad, the band’s manager describes it as a “winning lottery ticket”, although he admits “the cover was a pretty bad, 10 year old chart topping hit that the band wouldn’t write in a million years”. You can read his interesting post that says a lot about why bands do adverts at Trail of Press.