Audi A6 Avant – Hummingbird

Advert: Audi A6 Avant – Open Road, Open Sky
Music: John Charles Thomas – Open Road (from The Gypsy Baron)

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This Audi ad features a piece from the Johan Strauss II operetta The Gypsy Baron, performed here by American baritone singer John Charles Thomas. Open Road, sometimes known as Open Road, Open Sky, is one of the most popular pieces from the work.

30 thoughts on “Audi A6 Avant – Hummingbird

  1. Cathyeichhorn

    My husband and I both love this Ad.  It is so happy and whimsical.  We have not see this Ad since December 2011 or early January 2012.  Why has it been pulled or just not shown in Southern Ontario. Canada.

  2. Mike

    I love this add…., fun, “Free as the Breeze”, for one minute I am taken out of my world and into a world of flowers, great music and pleasure. Thank You Audi

  3. will

    This ad has many faux-pas.

    Among them, in Canada, the regulator required all ad volumes be turned down to standard program listening levels (it was very bad beforehand). Audi’s “Open Road” attempts to circumvent the rule by blasting the song in a startling, faux-operetta style. This in itself is irritating enough that all other merits are lost because the channel is changed immediately.

    Plus, in Canada, ads are sold in an automated – aggregated format to the small handful of media owners and carriers, so one can see the same ad 5-6 times in one hour, at about the same time, across several channels. This is very annoying and, hopefully, will hasten the demise of (public) broadcast and cable monopolies.

    Another – while the digital graphics are superb, the gimmickry and attempt to look very cool, makes it very uncool as a product ad. I see nothing of the vehicle, nor wish to follow-up, because now I’m just frustrated.

    I’ve owned big and small Audis – they were okay, but this ad doesn’t get me closer to them or back into their spirit / psyche.

    Overall, poor tactical execution and deceitful delivery to consumers.

  4. Maureen H

    “I’m roving free as the breeze
    Who can stop me and why?
    I can live as I please,
    Open road, open sky!”

  5. Jill Rogers

    After watching this ad numerous times, I finally realized that it was a car ad. I do not understand how a robot hummingbird has anything to do with a car. Cars cannot fly!! But I do love the music “Open Road”.

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