Dove – Nourishing Oil Care

Advert: Dove – Nourishing Oil Care
Music: Specially Recorded – Why You Gotta Be Like That?

This is an interesting one, and it’s already caused much confusion outside of the UK, where the ad has been screening for several months. The very short “Why You Gotta Be Like That?” jingle was recorded specially for the advert. It isn’t a full song, and isn’t commercially available. But it has subsequently been turned into a song, by rapper Terrance James, who saw the ad, liked the jingle, and sampled it on his track, also called “Why You Gotta Be Like That?” Even Terrance admits he has no idea who sings on the original jingle, and his hip hop version isn’t commercially available, although you can hear it at the Hot New Hip Hop website. (Warning: the hip hop version contains strong language.)