Halfords – Christmas Bikes

Advert: Halfords – Christmas Bikes
Music: The Hoosiers – Goodbye Mr A

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This Halfords ad features just a snippet of The Hoosiers’ Goodbye Mr A, after a lot of screaming from an obviously delighted recipient of a Christmas bike.

4 thoughts on “Halfords – Christmas Bikes

  1. Philzee

    This advert is so annoying that we turn the advert off or we press the mute button.Who in there right mind think we like screaming kids in our face on TV i DONT. Get this annoying advert off our screens.

  2. Barbara

    This commercial could be used to torture people. That screaming is painful! This is the most irritating commercial I have ever seen.

  3. Oli

    seriously why just WHY?

    2 months before christmas is one but having a child constantly screaming about a bike is just irritating especially when its on most commercial breaks, this advert is the most annoying one right next to the Go compare guy

  4. Nick

    This advert is so annoying that I complained to Halfords.

    Not only is it 2 months prior to Christmas, but this off-putting advert really boggles my brain as to WHY a huge company would want to have an annoying, screaming child sell bikes. I just turn over the channel as soon as I hear it!


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