Lynx Excite – My Angel Girlfriend

Advert: Lynx Excite – My Angel Girlfriend
Music: Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys – Different Drum

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The Lynx angels have fallen again, this time into an ad soundtracked by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys’ version of Different Drum, originally by ex-Monkee and Tippex fortune heir Mike Nesmith.

7 thoughts on “Lynx Excite – My Angel Girlfriend

  1. Bjørn Toulouse

    Just a quick, pedantic correction. Mike Nesmith was heir to the Liquid Paper fortune, not Tipp-Ex. Not the same thing. Thankyouverymuch!

  2. Silas

    I only knew this song from The Lemonheads version, so thought this was a cover of theirs until I searched t’interweb. Perhaps showing my age, I prefer The Lemonheads cover.

  3. joy

    love that haunting voice of linda rondstadt and the stone ponies on the latest lynx ad i will expect this music to go up the charts and thanq for that joy x

  4. John Green

    I’d not heard the song before, despite my mature age, but what a great one it is and beautifully sung by Linda. I suspect most younger viewers won’t have heard of it either, but I expect sales of her records to rise because of this airing. Made it an extremely memorable advert. Good on Lynx for finding it for us.

  5. Rich P.

    Humour, great old songs, gorgeous gals. What could go wrong? Lynx have been doing this sort of advert for years, good on ’em.

  6. Paul

    @Paul Thanks for the info, you are correct, the single was credited to “The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Rondstadt”, shortly before the band split and Linda became a solo artist.

  7. Paul

    You’re not wrong in stating that it’s Linda Ronstadt singing, but she was just a band member of the Stone Poneys. This is from their second album, released in 1967 called Evergreen Volume 2.

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