Iceland – Christmas Showcase

Advert: Iceland – Christmas Showcase
Music: Stacey Solomon – Driving Home For Christmas

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This ad for frozen food store Iceland features reality show favourite Stacey Solomon singing Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas. UPDATE: Stacey’s version was released as a single on 19th December, with all proceeds going to charity – shared between Alzheimer’s Research UK and Together For Short Lives. You can download the track by clicking the link above.

19 thoughts on “Iceland – Christmas Showcase

  1. Mark

    Oh well, I was hoping to find a link to Stacey’s version of my favourite Christmas song, so here goes; Dear Santa…

  2. Paul

    Good news for fans of this ad – Stacey Solomon’s cover of Driving Home For Christmas will be released as a single on 19th December, with all proceeds going to charity.

  3. IS



    It’s all part of life these days, the ‘religion’ espoused in this ad is of family values, and can be associated with all faiths; one does not have to be a Christian to enjoy.

  4. Laura Lister

    What a travesty! Chris Rea’s beautiful crooning crimbo song ruined! As cheap and tacky as most of Iceland’s food!! 🙂

  5. Sue

    Love Stacey’s version of Driving Home for Christmas. I don’t want the Chris Rea version, I want hers!! Please release it asap! I will be first in the queue!

  6. Alcohol

    Totally agree with the comments about this track being released as a christmas single – would be one I’d buy!

  7. Jasmin

    Please please pleaseeeee can someone tell me where Stacey got her gold sequinned dress from that she wears in this ad? Hello New Years eve dress! x

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