Lynx 2012 – End Of The World

Advert: Lynx 2012 – Get It On For The End Of The World
Music: Animal Music – No Man Can Walk Alone

The hip-hop track in this end times Lynx ad was specially produced by Animal Music in Buenos Aires, and isn’t available to download. It’s been credited to artist Audiophone. If you’d like to hear a ‘full-length’ version, DJ Sam has created one from the ad version, and it’s available on YouTube.

30 thoughts on “Lynx 2012 – End Of The World

  1. Carly

    Totally agree! It’s so annoying – every couple of months I check if its available to download, my other half LOVES it!

  2. Matt Brock

    Seriously, this track is purely awesome…what are ‘Lynx’ thinking of. This could be a No.1 download in minutes few. I love it, and many others want it released in it’s full version, so make it happen!! You are losing out on serious income if you don’t!!!!! Matt B. Ps. For all music lovers out there… This tune is too cool to not to be heard at party’s!

  3. gill

    Brilliant track, got to get it recorded – please LYNX ??? – might even buy the aftershave for himself if you do….. HONEST

  4. Blezard

    Such a great track that Lynx really ought to put it out there… I for one would love to hear a full length version. Please Lynx, hear the voice of the people and earn yet more grateful supporters!

  5. paul

    For crying out loud we’ve only got 11 months to listen to it! Can somebody please do something to put me out of my misery? I need this track just get it on!

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