Discover Ireland – Jump Into Ireland

Advert: Discover Ireland – Jump Into Ireland
Music: Snow Patrol – Berlin

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This advert promoting the merits of Ireland features Snow Patrol, from Bangor (which is in (Northern) Ireland), singing a song called Berlin (which isn’t in Ireland). The song Berlin is from the album Fallen Empires.

2 thoughts on “Discover Ireland – Jump Into Ireland

  1. Paul

    @DAN Thanks for the comment Dan. Wasn’t intending to slag anything off, I’m aware that Discover Ireland covers the whole island and that Snow Patrol are appropriate, my point was that a song called Berlin probably isn’t. Sorry it wasn’t clear!

  2. DAN

    Paul your tagline is correct but slagging the merits of the music for the add because Snow Patrol are from Bangor in the Northern part of Ireland is silly. Discover Ireland work on an all-ireland basis and aren’t a narrow minded as yourself! Check out their link

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