HSBC – Little Investor

Advert: HSBC – Little Investor
Music: Laghonia – Bahia

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This ad promoting HSBC investments tells the story of a young boy named Javier, who saves the money he earns from chores in money boxes from different parts of the world. It features a rare track from 1960s Peruvian band Laghonia. Bahia is from the album Glue, which unfortunately isn’t available in the UK. UPDATE: The album Glue has now been released in the UK, and the track Bahia is available to download from iTunes.

11 thoughts on “HSBC – Little Investor

      • Paul

        As Raz points out, the track is actually called Bahia. We’ve updated the post and added details of how to get the track on import CD.

      • Paul

        As Raz correctly points out, the track is actually Bahia, and is available on the import album “Glue”, via the above amazon link.

    • Paul

      The only place we can find it is on the imported CD of the album Glue, available using the Amazon link above.

    • Paul

      Only way we have found to get the track is on the imported CD, available using the Amazon link above.

      • Tim Cass

        The original Glue LP sells for anything up to $2000. The track can also be found on an ep on the Peru MAG label. There is an official reissue on CD and Vinyl on the World in Sound Label which you can find on sites like ebay. I also think it was legitimately reissued on the Repsycled label with assistance from former band members.

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