O2 Priority Moments – Things Are Changing

Advert: O2 Priority Moments – Things Are Changing
Music: Jedd Holden – Little Boxes

Are you looking for the previous O2 Things Are Changing ‘Little Boxes’ advert?
Download the Sniffy Dog feat Adrienne Stiefel version from iTunes
Download the Walk Off The Earth version from iTunes

Another in O2’s ‘Fresh Thinking, New Possibilities’ campaign, this ad focusses on Priority Moments, and again features a specially recorded version of Malvina Reynolds’ 1960s protest song Little Boxes. This version is sung by Scottish musician Jedd Holden, currently lead singer in a four-piece band called Holden. You will most likely have seen a previous O2 ad featuring a version of Little Boxes sung by Adrienne Stiefel. The Adrienne Stiefel version is available to download from iTunes. The Jedd Holden version is, currently, not. There is also another version, created for O2 for a promotional video, by Walk The Earth, using little boxes as musical instruments. The Walk Off the Earth version is also available to download from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “O2 Priority Moments – Things Are Changing

  1. Yomumma

    all the versions of this song have already been used for an American tv show called weeds. 02 are simply using these songs and not having them re-recorded. there are six seasons of weeds and all episodes have a different version at the beginning

    • Paul

      Hi Yomumma, that’s not true unfortunately, Weeds did use a lot of versions of Little Boxes, but the O2 advert versions are new recordings by different artists. We’ve mentioned this previously here: https://www.tvadmusic.co.uk/2012/03/o2-things-are-changing/

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