O2 – Things Are Changing

Advert: O2 – Things Are Changing
Music: Sniffy Dog featuring Adrienne Stiefel – Little Boxes

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This is the launch ad for O2’s new £12 million ‘Fresh Thinking, New Possibilities’ campaign. The ad features a specially recorded version of the 1960s protest song Little Boxes, originally by Malvina Reynolds and then popularised by Pete Seeger. More recently, the song was covered by a range of musicians, including Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Regina Spektor and The Shins, for the opening titles of the TV show Weeds. This version of the song, by the Sniffy Dog music and sound design company featuring vocals from Adrienne Stiefel, will be made available to download is now available to download from iTunes, and further versions of the song will feature in subsequent ads.

28 thoughts on “O2 – Things Are Changing

  1. Toadfondler

    A witty protest song about social consumerist conformity hijacked and rewritten to sell telephones. 

    I hope all concerned with this abomination are devoured by crocodiles. 

    • Dave Holmes

      I’m depressed that this is the only comment about the subversion of the original song’s sentiments. I humbly ask that everyone who reads this, go and look at the story behind the lyrics.

  2. Linda Van

    anyone know who did the music behind chevy certified service ad…kid in truck full of cheerleaders?

  3. downtozero

    The lyrics in the advert differ from the released song, unfortunately. Anyone know if the version used in the ad will be released?

    • downtozero

      Now it would be good if they mashed this ad version on the end of Adriennes currently released version and voila a new extended version!!!

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