Red Bull – World of Red Bull

Advert: Red Bull – World of Red Bull
Music: M83 – Outro

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A change of direction for Red Bull adverts, with this one retaining the ‘Red Bull give you wings’ tagline, but ditching the animated humour to present a glossy film highlighting some of the many events sponsored by the energy drink company. The music is Outro by M83, from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. M83 is French musician Anthony Gonzalez. The video here is the US version of the ad. The UK version features F1 racing. We’ll add the UK version when available.

2 thoughts on “Red Bull – World of Red Bull

  1. liz

    the song in the short tv spot is different than the music here, does anyone know who it is or know if that short video is posted online anywhere?

  2. Doug

    any idea when the uk version will be uploaded?? Been trying to find it for ages, – literally the best advert!

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