Discover America – Land of Dreams

Advert: Discover America – Land of Dreams
Music: Roseanne Cash – Land of Dreams

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This global Discover America ad invites viewers to visit the USA and “come and find your land of dreams”. The track was specially written by Roseanne Cash and John Leventhal, and performed by Cash with a line-up of musicians including Los Lobos and Bebel Gilberto. It’s available as a free download – just click the link above and look for “get the song”.

2 thoughts on “Discover America – Land of Dreams

  1. Dalia Larden

    I love the commercial especially the good looking dancer – I wish I was dancing with him!
    I am 72 years old and he could be my grandson, but he makes my skip a beat.

    I am planning a trip to Mississippi in a couple of weeks.
    Great Ad.

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