VW Polo – Dad

Advert: VW Polo – Dad
Music: Sniffy Dog – Whispers and Stories

This Volkswagen Polo ad, showing the evolving relationship between a dad and his daughter, from bringing her home from the hospital to handing her the keys to a new Polo. The music was specially recorded for the ad by music production company Sniffy Dog, who you may remember created the very popular version of Little Boxes for the recent O2 ad. The track bears strong resemblance to the music of Baltimore “dream pop” duo Beach House. [UPDATE: Beach House have confirmed via their Facebook page that the ad agency did unsuccessfully attempt to license their track Take Care for this ad.] It’s not available to download at the moment, but watch this space and we will let you know if the situation changes. [In the meantime you may like to check out Beach House, and the track Take Care from the Teen Dream album, via iTunes.]

49 thoughts on “VW Polo – Dad

  1. arthur

    fantastic song brought tears to my eyes would love to hear the full song, well done great ad for polo

  2. Dave Burnett

    This song is very reminiscent of a song that I remember from the late 70’s early 80’s. It was very popular and was used late at night in fairgrounds. I actually thought it was the same tune. I remember it because it was around when I was courting my wife.

  3. Tom Traubert

    ………. if you like it simply download the Beach House track that’s it’s ripped off, it’s the original & best & even more beautiful

    • laurence green

      Sorry I don’t agree it is a rip off from the beach house track, I listened to that and it is crap

  4. dave harper

    very poinant got adaughter about to leave home this ad could be us an ad that shouts dads are important

  5. Bryan

    The music is in a very retro style when that sort of music had a throbbing piano/ballad style from about 1958-62 Listen to: ‘Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You’ Connie Francis to see the similarity! (A UK Top Ten Hit).

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