BT Infinity – Hola

Advert: BT Infinity – Hola
Music: Gypsy Kings – Bamboleo

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More flatshare fun and games in this BT advert in which a “bevy” of Spanish beauties, who have moved in upstairs “for the Olympics”, visit Simon’s flat to take advantage of his broadband and biscuits. The music is Bamboleo, one of the best-known tracks from the Gypsy Kings. You can download it from iTunes.

5 thoughts on “BT Infinity – Hola

  1. Tony

    ooo you have good broadband and a full wifi signal strength, can we use it … if it was that good, they wouldn’t all have to sit around the router as if they were keeping warm by a candle!

  2. filmnut

    is the spanish girl related to the student that opens the door to her, they both have the same eyes and nose

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