Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet The Superhumans

Advert: Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet The Superhumans
Music: Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

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This genuinely extraordinary advert for Channel 4’s coverage of the London 2012 Paralympics was premiered as a “roadblock” takeover across 78 different channels as part of the channel’s biggest ever promotional campaign. Complementing the stunning visuals is the arresting sound of Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy, from the 2007 20th anniversary album How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul. The track is built around a sample from a Shirley Bassey song called Jezahel. You can download Harder Than You Think from iTunes.

7 thoughts on “Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet The Superhumans


    also the background Music is oddly enough a Shirley Bassey Track called ‘Jezahel’

  2. Parky

    Didn’t really think about watching the Paralympics this year, this ad campaign however has really made me look forward to it now.

    Great choice of music too…doing well on iTunes as a result.

  3. Lily

    Extraordinary and beautiful advert! These men and women are amazing, and the ad truly showcases that. Brilliant choice of song too!

  4. dawn

    Agreed ! An ad that really engagd me . We take so much for granted and these Paralympians battle bigger odds. Much respect and looking forward to watching the Supehumans. Awesome music!

  5. Alan Hayward

    This is easily the best advert or trailer shown in 2012. Brilliant story and excellent music. Like the previous comment, isn’t it great to hear Public Enemy on mainstream TV

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