Cottages4you – EnjoyEngland Summer 2012

Advert: Cottages4you – EnjoyEngland Summer 2012
Music: Specially Recorded Track

This whistlesome track has been around in for a while in Cottages4U adverts, and the bad news for anyone hoping to download it is that it was specially written for the 30-second ad and isn’t commercially available.

3 thoughts on “Cottages4you – EnjoyEngland Summer 2012

  1. m

    please can i download it as a ring tone? it’s too catchy to remain as a recorded track, need more feel good music in these grey times

  2. kitty

    i have been driving myself insane trying to find this track. least now i know! and i totally agree, would make an awesome tune 🙂 happy go lucky track! and it sounds like a cover of bronski beat smalltown boy

  3. Leon McInnes

    Damn it, so catchy… This is crying out to be made into a remix or an extended track…

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