MoneySupermarket .com – The £1000 Man

Advert: – The £1000 Man
Music: Mike Post – Theme from Magnum PI

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Another 1980s-themed ad from MoneySupermarket, and you can’t get more 1980s-themed than a 1980s TV show theme by the great Mike Post. He created the themes for shows including Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, The Rockford Files, Quantum Leap, and the tune used in this ad – the theme from Magnum PI, starring Tom Selleck and his fabulous moustache.

3 thoughts on “MoneySupermarket .com – The £1000 Man

  1. Mrs Tan

    Why do they always shorten the really good adverts? Saw this one weeks ago and the shortened version shown since just doesn’t give you the whole thing. Had to search around for it on the www to show my husband exactly why Gary is now proving a rival for my affections – and there I was thinking that no-one could beat Jeff!
    The actors are really good sports and somehow really pull-off their characters from a mere script. Has me laughing every time, so thanks for this pure daftness! We hope to see the full version when we next go to the cinema to get the full effect!
    Q: How are you feeling today? A: Eppicck!

  2. Keith Geddes

    Magnum.. yes, finally placed it… didnt watch many, thats my excuse. Ads getting more eye grabbing spectaculars.. as in epic film presentations.

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