Sky Sports – Summer of Sport 2012

Advert: Sky Sports – Summer of Sport 2012
Music: Man – Many Are Called, But Few Get Up (Live)

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It’s taken us a few weeks to identify the music in the Sky Sports 2012 summer of sports ads – of which there are several versions, each focussing on different sports. The reason it took us so long is that the increasingly frenetic percussive soundtrack is taken from an extended jam at the end of a live version of a lengthy psychedelic wig-out by almost-forgotten early 70s Welsh prog rockers Man. The track is called Many Are Called, But Few Get Up, and you’ll want the live version, specifically, we think, the Live at the Roundhouse version from 1975, released on the Maximum Darkness album. Once you’ve found the track, you’ll need to fast-forward around twelve full minutes to find the bit that’s featured in the ad. Worth all that trouble to track it down though, isn’t it?

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