Direct Line .com – Take The Direct Line

Advert: Direct Line .com – Take The Direct Line
Music: Santigold – Disparate Youth

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Direct Line ditch Chris Addison and the red phone on wheels for this home insurance ad, which shows a line of workers helping a customer swap “wellies back to slippers” after a flood. The music is a track by Santigold, from the Philadelphia singer’s second album Master of My Make-Believe. The song is called Disparate Youth, and is available to download from iTunes.

5 thoughts on “Direct Line .com – Take The Direct Line

  1. Cheryl Cooley

    It’s an exact rip-off of the bass line to ‘Only Making Plan For Nigel’ by XTC. Really winding me up!

  2. Nataline

    they play this at my work, and I thought it was empire of the sun, happy I’ve got it thanks to direct line loool 🙂 thanks!

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