Smirnoff – Yours For The Making

Advert: Smirnoff – Yours For The Making
Music: Squeak E. Clean Productions – Commissioned Track

This TV ad, part of Smirnoff’s new £7 million “Yours For The Making” campaign, is called “Nocturnal Awakening”, and features a series of decadent nightlife scenes. The music was specially created for the advert by Squeak E. Clean Productions, who have produced music for many other TV ads in the past. The track is not commercially available at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Smirnoff – Yours For The Making

  1. frankie342f

    that’s just typical that most companies do not
    want to leak out any information about the
    music that was commissioned and composed
    by so they do not want people to find out
    so users can download it and sharing
    the track on the internet ford did this
    to one of their car advertisements back in the 90’s
    where people constantly taking to the internet for
    any kind of information about the tracking song
    but people at companies like smirnoff and ford
    refusing to leak out about their artists and title
    of song was used.

    frankie smales

    (frankie smales tv and movie review uk)

  2. Tom Harper

    I agree, I want this track! – sounds like a electronic version of the end music in the film “V For Vendetta” That was kinda creepy/spooky too!

  3. jasmine allen

    This is such a wow advert ..i love smirnoff vodka n coke but the poem she says send my body to shivers its brilliant

  4. Dan

    Agreed. This would be a welcome collection to my creepy music playlist i would happily pay for this song 🙂

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