Iceland – Christmas Showcase 2012

Advert: Iceland – Christmas Showcase 2012
Music: Anthony Newley – Pure Imagination

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Iceland manage to make a frozen buffet look slightly more palatable this Christmas by ditching Kerry Katona and instead presenting a winter wonderland scene accompanied by the wonderful Pure Imagination by Anthony Newley, from the soundtrack of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The song is available to download from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Iceland – Christmas Showcase 2012

  1. JohnTar

    Definitely not Tony singing, but he did write it along with Leslie Bricusse, just as they composed so much other memorable stuff for shows and films!

  2. Kyle

    That’s not Anthony newly, they sound similar but at the same time different, I really want to know who is singing that version tho 🙁

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