Sainsbury’s – Christmas Days

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Christmas Days
Music: Aaron Espe – Through Frozen Forests

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This is one of several Sainsbury’s Christmas Days ads, all of which feature the same music track. This particular ad is called ‘Being Good For Santa’. You can watch the other ads using the links below. The track used in all of the ads is ‘Through Frozen Forests’ by Aaron Espe, a singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.

Watch the ads:
Being Good For Santa [posted above]
Chocolates [YouTube]
Mince Pie [YouTube]
Don’t Wait Up / Girls’ Night Out [TV Ad Music]
Too Excited to Sleep [YouTube]
Christmas Tree Lights [YouTube]
Starting To Feel a Bit More Like Christmas [YouTube]
See You After Christmas Day [YouTube]
Waiting For Snow Day [YouTube]
Will the Lights Work? Day [YouTube]
A Bigger Fridge Day [YouTube]
Now it Really Feels Like Christmas [YouTube]
Driving Home for Christmas [YouTube]

Download the song:
Aaron Espe – Through Frozen Forests [iTunes]
Aaron Espe – Through Frozen Forests [Amazon]

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