Sonos – Questlove Selects

Advert: Sonos – Questlove Selects
Music: Syl Johnson – Different Strokes

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In this ad for the Sonos music system, musician and producer Questlove selects a track to get him into a ‘grooming groove’. The track is a much-sampled breakbeat classic from 1967, namely Different Strokes by Syl Johnson. It’s available to download from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Sonos – Questlove Selects

  1. joe_3_hats

    The hip hop track on one of the four ads is called ‘Where is Danny?’ by Danny! Not sure on the other two though? j3h

  2. Mike Ward

    Could we have the name of the artist that does the mix that is played in the advert? That’s really what I want to hear!

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