Southern Comfort – Whatever’s Comfortable

Advert: Southern Comfort – Whatever’s Comfortable
Music: Odetta – Hit or Miss

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This Southern Comfort ad features a chap who is very comfortable in his own skin (and tight shorts) on a walk along a beach. There’s also another version of the ad featuring the chap standing on a patio. Both versions feature the same song, a 1970 jazz/funk rare groove classic by singer, actress and civil rights activist Odetta Holmes. Odetta wrote this track, Hit or Miss, and it was released as a single and featured on the 1970 album Odetta Sings. It was popularised again in 1999 when it was featured on the limited edition DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist mixtape Brainfreeze. Unfortunately, the original version of Hit or Miss is now very difficult to track down. There is a live version available on iTunes, but that sounds very different to the version in the ad. Your best bet is to get hold of the CD compilation Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol 4: Light My Fire, which features Hit or Miss as track six, and is available from Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Southern Comfort – Whatever’s Comfortable

  1. Alex Macnutt

    The Mojo Dancefloor Jazz albums are probably the best compilation series ever. Highly recommended for rare(ish) souljazz nuggets.

  2. tony

    this the version and can be found on amazon and spotify
    Whatever’s Comfortable – Tribute to Odetta (Southern Comfort Beach Hit or Miss I Gotta Be Me)

    • Paul

      Hi Tony, sorry that’s not right, the tribute version you name is an inferior cover version of the type that often appears when a track isn’t readily available on iTunes. The version in the ad is the original version by Odetta.

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