118 118 – Get Connected

Advert: 118 118 – Get Connected
Music: Nolan Cormier & the LA Aces – Hee Haw Breakdown

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This latest TV ad for the 118 118 directory enquiries service promotes ways in which the company brings businesses and people together. The unusual choice of soundtrack is a Cajun classic from Nolan Cormier and the LA Aces. The track is called Hee Haw Breakdown and you can download it from iTunes.

12 thoughts on “118 118 – Get Connected

  1. Patrick Keoghan

    Paddy on 7 Jan 2013
    This song can also be found on Kings of Cajun vol 1. 22 Stomps From The Swamps Track 12 called Zydeco Hee Haw by Boozoo Chavis

  2. Phil Underwood

    The song is also commonly known as the Mardi Gras Jig, played a lot at Mardi Gras time in Louisiana.

    • Chaz McGaz

      it looks like a clip was done around arnold circus (often used in commercials and films). a later clip of terraced houses looks like around columbia road. a seaside clip looks like hastings/st leopards seafront. i could go on. you can check on google street view.

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