Nikon 1 – I Am 1 Click Ahead

Advert: Nikon 1 – I Am 1 Click Ahead
Music: Radical Face – Welcome Home

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Yet another Nikon ad, this time for Nikon 1 camera, with the UK version also promoting a £50 cashback offer, and again soundtracked by the most popular track we’ve ever featured on TV Ad Music. All of Nikon’s ads from the past couple of years or so feature Welcome Home by Radical Face. Welcome Home (listed on some releases as Welcome Home, Son) is from Radical Face’s 2007 album Ghost. You can download the track from iTunes.

One thought on “Nikon 1 – I Am 1 Click Ahead

  1. Kayrol Swares

    Hi it funny to see a old face on this ad, your christmas champagne ad someone I’ve seen for years married and kids ( oh my days! ). Prince Charming by Adam Ant that the tune!

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