Weight Watchers – New Approach

Advert: Weight Watchers – New Approach
Music: Toyah – Sensational

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Patsy Kensit stars in this Weight Watchers advert for their ‘new approach’ system. The song featured in the ad is a 2008 solo track by Toyah Willcox. Sensational is a track on Toyah’s In the Court of the Crimson Queen album. It’s available to download from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers – New Approach

  1. tracy

    im 33 and have been struggerling with my weight all my life. im a size 24 and have had 2 children and it upsets me to see patsy kenzit on a weight problem advert she hasnt got a ounze of fat on her and makes me wonder why they have to keep bringing “celebrities” in the focas. why dont you use real people like me and with every advert monitor the weight lose. real people real hard work and dieting.

  2. Jimi LaLumia

    Toyah also had Top Ten chart success with “I Want To Be Free” and “It’s A Mystery”(from the EP “Four From Toyah”) in 1981; her catalog is rich with material for ‘ad’ purposes

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