McDonald’s – Kids and Boxes

Advert: McDonald’s – What is it with Kids and Boxes?
Music: Paul Williams – You Give A Little Love (from Bugsy Malone)

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This McDonald’s ad highlights the fact that kids like playing with boxes, before seguing into a scene in which they’re presented with Happy Meal boxes. The track is You Give a Little Love by Paul Williams from the soundtrack of weird 1976 child-gangster-musical film Bugsy Malone. The song is available to download from iTunes.

7 thoughts on “McDonald’s – Kids and Boxes

  1. Lllooopy

    I’m sure the creepy bit of music at the beginning of the ad is off a horror film , but I’m not sure which

  2. Debs

    Has no one clocked the link between Bugsy Malone and the narrator, Dexter Fletcher, formally known as Baby Face, the youngest cast member of the film?

  3. Sam

    Is it just me or is it really ironic that McDonalds plays a song called “Bad Guys” in its ad to sell fast food to children? Because I find it funny.

  4. Ralph Perry

    Why do the childrens voices sound different on this version to the film version? They sound more British. Is there a full version like this?

    • Paul

      Hi Andy, both songs feature the same lyrics (Bad Guys is a sort-of reprise to You Give A Little Love) but if you listen to the two I think you’ll find it’s You Give A Little Love used in the ad.

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